Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet Refacing

We think it is important for you to know a little history about cabinet refacing to understand if it is a viable option for you today.

With the exploding popularity of solid surface countertops like granite and quartz that we saw in the mid to late 90’s, we often encountered customers that were disappointed with the look of their existing cabinets after there countertops had been installed. They were even more disappointed when they discovered there countertops couldn’t be removed in one piece and there were no great options to reface or re-finish the cabinets.

At that time, the most common cabinet material used was oak and the new style trending was often a painted shaker style or a natural rustic look using material like alder. Alder was not a veneer readily available at that time and painting a cabinet with any water based paint, was not a good idea then and is still not a good idea.

Then along came the brilliance of the big box stores to apply simulated wood looking laminates by gluing them on with contact cement and routing the edges, taking the kitchen back to the 1970’s and 1980’s. (All they needed to do to complete the ensemble would be to install orange or green shag carpet)

This gave rise to a previous company of ours that had the equipment to actually fabricate solid wood 7/32” thick and combine it with new doors and drawer fronts, making it possible to change cabinets to any wood, finish, and door style that could be imagined. This was a great option at the time and we could hardly keep up with the work load. But, there was very little to no savings to the customer and most jobs would take several days of fabrication in the shop and 4 to 5 days in the field to install.

Today, we have the availability of a cloth backed self-adhesive veneer in a variety of wood species, that can be stained or painted. They are then top coated with the highest quality sanding sealers and catalyzed lacquers to provide the same quality finish that is applied to your new doors and drawer fronts and carries the same lifetime finish warranty. Everything can be ordered pre-finished to your specifications and shipped to us ready for installation. From start to finish most jobs are completed in a few days with just 1 or 2 skilled craftsman without turning your life upside down.

Watch the video below and see for yourself

Cabinet Refacing Before

Cabinet Refacing After