COREtec Flooring Installation

With the invention of waterproof vinyl flooring and various locking systems geared toward the “Do It Yourselfers,” it is now easier than ever to replace flooring yourself. But, even though the DIY trend is here to stay, a project of that magnitude may not be for you.

So, whether you just want to buy material from us and watch our library of tutorials and try your hand at installation, or you want us to complete your flooring project from start to finish, we can be the right company for you.

Why Vinyl Flooring?

There are nearly 200 waterproof luxury vinyl flooring manufacturers and thousands of distributors competing for your business. So, how do you choose which one to use? Hopefully, this will help.

Only a few companies use the patented UNILIN ANGLE-TAP locking system, an attached cork underlayment, a WPC core or an SPC core with reinforced balancing layers to provide dimensional stability, and a 20 mil acrylic blend wear layer. And only one company, Coretec, checks all of those boxes with nearly 200 different SKU’s to choose from.

COREtec the riginal
  • 100% Pet Proof
  • 100% Kid Proof
  • 100% Water Proof

But, what does all that really mean for you in a practical sense?

Dimensional stability means you will get a product that does not need to be acclimated before installation, and combined with the patented locking system it will lock together and not come apart over time with movement in the subfloor. Because of the attached cork, your new floor underlayment repels moisture, provides additional sound reduction and naturally reduces impact stress making it more comfortable to walk on. And finally, if something does scratch the surface of your new floor, the use of an acrylic blend top coat rather than an aluminum oxide, means it can be repaired.

Why buy from CAZR?

Because we give exclusivity to Coretec in our showroom and we have committed to an in stock program, warehousing truck loads of material, we have become an “Elite” dealer with the benefits of elite pricing. In the end, we can potentially save you thousands of dollars when comparing the same product from one of our competitors.

Save Big On Material Only, We Won’t Be Beat!

Use your own installers and save big on your material, we have low overhead which equals low prices!

COREtec Pro Series

COREtec Pro Series

COREtec Original Series

COREtec Original Series

COREtec Stone Collection

COREtec Stone Series
COREtec the Original

LVP & LVT Flooring

Choose from hundreds of beautiful Luxury Vinyl Planks and engineered wood and stone floors to get the look that perfectly expresses what makes you, you.

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